County Legislator Jim Maisano’s priorities are: 1) reducing unnecessary county spending to control property taxes and safeguard essential services ; 2) protecting the environment – especially Long Island Sound; 3) preserving the quality of life in our neighborhoods; and 4) promoting open, accessible and responsive government. Jim puts people before politics and has proven to be one of the most independent and bipartisan elected officials in this county.  Here are Jim’s issues:


Jim has voted on 15 County Budgets and voted against every budget that raised property taxes – YES, Jim has never voted to raise property taxes in his career and not many elected officials can meet that record!  The past 3 County Budgets did not raise taxes, and  Jim’s leadership and experience were instrumental in cutting the spending necessary to hold the line on taxes, while protecting the County’s AAA bond rating. In all 15 budgets he has worked on, Jim reviewed the proposed budget in detail, found unnecessary spending to eliminate, and urged his colleagues to make these cuts.

Jim has placed a priority in County Budgets on public safety and advocates for protecting funding for county police, corrections and probation officers and emergency services personnel.  He is also a leader in protecting essential services and has helped save important funding for victims of domestic violence, legal services for the poor, immigration services, arts programs, small business initiatives and county parks.  For a good description of Jim’s excellent work on 2013 County Budget, visit this link:


Jim is a 16 year member of the Environment Committee and a committed environmentalist.  He led the way in the creation and preservation of parkland in the City of New Rochelle.  He sponsored and pushed through legislation for the County to grant $10 million to rehabilitate City Park in New Rochelle, and the city now has a first class public athletic complex.  Jim stopped the elimination of Flandreau Park in New Rochelle and made sure it was forever protected as dedicated parkland.  He pushed through legislation to create the Library Green, an urban park in downtown New Rochelle.  Jim also provides constant supervision of Glen Island Park to ensure it remains one of the County’s flagship parks.

For over decade, Jim chaired the Long Island Sound Subcommittee of the Environment Committee and took a leadership role on several important Sound related issues, including a public education campaign on ways residents can reduce non-point source pollution.  He also advocates for parkland on Davids Island.  Jim was principally involved with saving County Park curator positions and funding for Cornell Cooperative Extension in the past 3 County Budgets.

Jim helped pass the County’s Open Space Policy and has been a strong supporter of the County purchasing and preserving thousands of acres of open space across Westchester and the County’s Legacy program for environmental and recreational investments.

Jim also supported the waiver of County Sales Tax for solar installations; mandating that the County only purchase hybrid or environmentally friendly motor vehicles; healthy air legislation, including bus-idling and low sulfur diesel laws; the Pesticide Notification and Pesticide Reduction Law; and establishing the Agricultural & Farmland Protection Board and the County’s first Agricultural District.

Quality of Life:

Jim recognizes that when people buy a home it’s usually the biggest investment in their life.  That’s why he is always fighting to protect the quality of life in our neighborhoods.  If the government or developers are taking action to negatively impact a neighborhood, Jim is always there to be the neighborhood’s advocate.

This year, Jim continues to strongly oppose the fiscally irresponsible Echo Bay development in New Rochelle that actually loses money for the city, and provides the developer with a 20 year/$20 million tax abatement forcing New Rochelle taxpayers to subsidize this project, which is unpopular with surrounding neighborhoods and fails to provide uses for the property that New Rochelle residents can utilize and enjoy – such as greatly needed retail stores. See Jim’s speech against the project:

Jim is one the strongest advocates in New York State against eminent domain abuse where governments let developers improperly take private property for private use.  He also has saved the New Rochelle Family Court against a threatened closure by court system.

Good Government:

Jim is committed to bringing the County government directly to his constituents through his cable television and radio shows, his legislator blog, emails, and daily updates on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. No one works harder than Jim at connecting with the people he represents.  Jim is also a strong voice for an open, accessible and transparent County government.

Contact Jim anytime at 914-355-9205 or Click Here to Email Jim