Become a Campaign Volunteer!

  • Going door-to-door in my neighborhood
  • Inviting neighbors to house to meet Jim (a “coffee”)
  • Making phone calls for Jim
  • Sending campaign note cards to friends
  • Putting up lawn and/or store signs
  • Allowing Jim to use my name as a supporter
  • Hosting a fund-raiser at my home or business

To volunteer, call Leg. Jim Maisano at 914-355-9205 or Click Here to Email Jim

Join our Social Media Campaign!

Support Leg. Jim Maisano online:

  • Connect with Jim on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others in right column (“Jim’s Links).”
  • “Like,” “Comment,” “Share” & “Retweet” Jim’s social media posts, especially on Facebook.
  • Send emails to your friends to support Jim on Election Day and recruit friends to do the same.

Please check out Jim’s Legislator Blog at:  www.JimMaisano.wordpress.com

Contact Jim anytime at 914-355-9205 or Click Here to Email Jim