Thank you for your support on Election Day. I know I was unopposed, but I still want to say thank you to the more than 4,500 nice people that voted for me.

This will be my 15th and 16th years on the Westchester County Board of Legislators, and I still love the job. I know going into this term that it will not be easy. Our county government is facing a very difficult revenue stream from the weak economy and other factors. 85% of county revenues come from property tax, sales tax and federal and state aid, and taxpayers are demanding that we stop raising property taxes (I agree with them), while sales tax and state and federal aid are all down from prior years. This means we do not have enough revenue to balance the budget as the county government is currently constituted, so we have no choice but to make significant cuts to the county budget, which will certainly aggravate some people. I believe that as we make these cuts; we must place reforming the county government in the center of every decision. We must think outside the box, look at consolidation of services and identify ways to deliver services in a more cost-effective manner, and this will certainly be my priority in the 2012/2013 term.

Thanks for all the wonderful support over the years – being a County Legislator has been one of the greatest honors of my life, and I will always do my best to be an honorable and responsible elected official. Please keep in touch. The advice and suggestions of my constituents have always made me a better legislator. I certainly will do my best to keep in touch with you through my social media sites, emails, blog and weekly radio show on WVOX. Please make sure you are connected to me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, so you will receive regular updates.

Have a great holiday season and hope to see you soon!

Jim Maisano
County Legislator