On September 10, we had a primary election against my opponent for the Independence Party line in November, and yesterday the Board of Elections counted all the votes and we won big – capturing about 80% of the vote!

The “so-called” Independence Party leaders endorsed my opponent. We believe they betrayed the principles of that party by ONLY endorsing Democrats in contested races for county legislator, which certainly lacks any “independence.” We decided to go directly to the Independence Party voters in a primary election. Our supporters had to write in my name, as only my opponent’s name was on the ballot, and 80% of these thoughtful voters reviewed the choice of the party leaders and decided I was the better candidate for the Independence Party this year. We are thrilled that so many Independence voters came out to vote for me, and we hear this may be the highest percentage in a write-in election victory in recent Westchester history!

My campaign committee and other supporters worked very hard on this primary election, and I could not have done it without them. Thanks so much to my volunteers and to the Independence Party voters!

County Legislator
Jim Maisano