democrats for maisano

When this re-election campaign began, we pledged to run an open, inclusive and diverse campaign. We are thrilled to have support from people of all political viewpoints. While we sadly see partisan warfare in Washington, I’m excited that our campaign is bringing people together.  In this campaign, our team is fighting for every vote.

I’m very proud to announce that we recently sent out a mail piece from 220 New Rochelle and Pelham Democrats who formed Democrats for Jim Maisano and are supporting my campaign for re-election (the group is now at 224). Thank you to these open-minded voters who are willing to put the issues first and support the person over the party, and I’m especially pleased that 11 current and former elected Democratic officials are members of Democrats for Jim Maisano:  Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, Pelham Manor Mayor Randy Sellier, Pelham Manor Trustee Neal Schwarzfeld, Pelham Trustee Paul McGoldrick, and former officials Assemblyman Ron Tocci, Pelham Supervisor John Carney, Pelham Mayor Joe Durnin, Pelham Mayor Michael Clain, Pelham Trustee Mia Homan, Pelham Manor Trustee Timothy Fisher, and Pelham Trustee Alice Dean.

I look forward to victory on Election Day so that I can continue serving the people of New Rochelle and Pelham in an independent and bipartisan manner and am looking forward to working with the members of Democrats for Jim Maisano in the coming years to improve our community.

County Legislator
Jim Maisano