Maisano FamilyIt’s Election Day!

The people will decide today on their elected officials for the coming years. I love serving as County Legislator and am hopeful for victory tonight. We can never thank enough the more than 1,000 people that did something to support our campaign. We’ve been dedicated to running the best campaign in the county from day one, and here is the result:

  • distributed 15,000 palm cards, 3,000 campaign emery boards, 1,000 campaign shopping pads & 10,000 pieces of campaign literature;
  • sent out 6 mailings on issues like controlling taxes and protecting the environment;
  • sent out 2,000 “Please Do Me A Favor Cards” signed by 70 campaign supporters;
  • made thousands of phone calls at our phone bank;
  • ran campaign ads in newspapers & on WVOX Radio;
  • put up 400 lawn signs;
  • received terrific support from Democrats for Jim Maisano and Amigos De Jim Maisano (our Hispanic supporters);
  • and put 5,000 “Get Out The Vote” leaflets in doors in past 3 days!

Of course, this energetic and positive campaign was only made possible through generous contributions from hundreds of great supporters.  I also enjoyed many nice chats with thoughtful voters when I went door-to-door each night.

The polls close at 9pm, and our campaign team will be heading over to Dudley’s in New Rochelle to wait for the results!

Thanks everyone!

County Legislator
Jim Maisano