THANK YOU! I’m very proud of our effort to save the New Rochelle YMCA pool. We had a wonderful fundraiser last night – 150 people attended and so far we raised $27,000 (with more coming in). Special thanks to the following:

  • To my fellow elected officials representing New Rochelle – Democrats & Republicans – for coming together to support such an important cause, especially my co-chair County Clerk Tim Idoni.
  • To the terrific New Rochelle businesses that donated ALL the food: Modern Restaurant, Don Coqui, Smokehouse, AJ’s Burgers, Spectators, Fratelli’s & Texas Roadhouse, plus Home Depot for helping with parking.
  • To William O’Shaughnessy and WVOX Radio for a thoughtful and generous contribution and for being the event’s main sponsor.
  • To Assemblymembers Steve Otis & Amy Paulin who are working with the New York State government to obtain a grant to help fix the damaged roof that caused the pool closing.
  • To Julie Gallanty, the YMCA’s ED and the YMCA’s staff, volunteers and Board of Directors for working so hard to save the pool and the YMCA itself.

You can still make a donation to save the New Rochelle YMCA pool by sending a check to “New Rochelle YMCA” at 50 Weyman Ave, New Rochelle, NY 10805 or donating at this link:

Below are some fun photos from the event.

County Legislator Jim Maisano

914-636-1621 or

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