As I make my rounds around New Rochelle, I keep getting questions about this year’s elections in New Rochelle, so I put together a preview for Election Day – November 3, 2015. Please mark your calendar and make sure your voice is heard. Unfortunately, the odd year elections have the lowest turnout – less than one-third of the registered voters show up at the polls. In the odd years, we elect our county legislators and city and town representatives – all very important elections. You will find our city’s contested elections below.


New Rochelle has three County Legislator seats and all three incumbents (listed first) are running for re-election. I provided links to the maps for each district:

District 7: Catherine Parker (D) vs Susan Watson (R)
District 10: Sheila Marcotte (R) vs Haina Just-Michael (D)
District 11: Jim Maisano (R) is unopposed. (Yes, it’s me).

Note – all 17 County Legislator seats across the county have elections this year.


We have a contested Mayor election this year – the incumbent Noam Bramson is running on the Democrat line and is being challenged by James O’Toole running on the Independence line.

There are three contested City Council races (Incumbents listed first and maps of each district provided):

District 1 – Lou Trangucci (R) vs Luis Zepeda (D)

District 5 – Barry Fertel (D) vs Jeffrey Hastie (R)

District 6 – Shari Rackman (R) vs Liz Fried (D)

Three members of the City Council are running for re-election unopposed: Al Tarantino, Jared Rice and Ivar Hyden.

Please follow the elections, review the candidates and make sure you vote on November 3 – only three weeks from today.

County Legislator
Jim Maisano