summer-swimming-Pool4-7-29Over the past few months, I’ve been trying to save the Playland Pool. My goal is to either repair it to get the pool through a few more seasons or build a replacement. I was disappointed to see legislation presented to the Board of Legislators that would tear down the Playland Pool. You can be certain that I will never vote for any such legislation as a life-long fan of this pool (and the other county public pools).

My position to save the Playland Pool is based on the following:

  • The county pool system was set up geographically near the more urban areas to ensure that people who cannot afford to join private clubs can go for a swim on a hot day. The Playland Pool has been the Sound Shore’s pool for decades, and we still have many people in our area that rely on this pool for swimming. As I Sound Shore legislator, I will never support closing our pool.
  • It’s a historic pool. The Playland Pool has hosted the Westchester County Swim Championship for many decades. The best swimmers in our county’s history swam in this meet every year, including a few Olympians. And when the meet ends, all the kids go on the rides, which is helpful to the amusement park. For lots of Westchester kids, it’s the best week of the summer.
  • To tear down this pool, eliminate an important recreational opportunity, and destroy a historic part of our county for a dining plaza makes absolutely no sense. We should be increasing public recreation opportunities in this county – not destroying public pools.

I’m working diligently to convince my fellow county legislators to join me in this effort to save the Playland Pool.

County Legislator
Jim Maisano