Our previous PODCAST explained why people need to be careful with the Federal Stimulus Debit Card – it arrived at millions of homes over past two weeks and some people actually threw it away thinking it was junk mail. Here’s a newspaper article on this issue:  Is it junk mail? Don’t throw away that card, it’s your stimulus payment

Consider this new 2:10 minute podcast Part II:

Link: https://westchesterconsumers.podbean.com/mf/play/pg37fe/PodcastJune5.mp3

In this podcast I discuss:

1-If you did throw away your debit card, you can get a replacement by calling Meta Bank at 800-240-8100. There is a $7.50 replacement fee.

2-Be careful with fees when using this debit card. Here are examples: ATM balance inquiry ($0.25), out of network ATM withdrawals ($2 after initial one), and over the counter cash withdrawals from bank teller ($5 after initial one). Also, please note there is a $1,000 ATM withdrawal limit (per transaction/per day).

3-The IRS has a webpage where you can check on status of your stimulus payment:


As always, if you need help with consumer protection issues in Westchester, call the Consumer Protection Department at 914-995-2155 or email us at ConPro@westchestergov.com.

Jim Maisano

Jim serves as the Westchester County Consumer Protection Director